McCoy Horticultural | Native Plant at a Glance – Stylophorum diphyllum

Each month, McCoy Horticultural will share some information on a native plant and how it best applies to your landscape. The more each of us are aware of specific natives, the more readily we will be to incorporate them ourselves or recommend them to others. The more natives we plant, the greater our contribution is to local ecology.

April 2020: Stylophorum diphyllum, common name woods-poppy or Celandine poppy

  • Can be an aggressive native 
  • Excellent deer resistance 
  • Combine with fern, Mertensia, Columbine, native Ginger and Woodland Phlox.
  • Outstanding shade alternative for daffodils 
  • Adapts to most shade conditions
  • Not suitable for dry conditions

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