McCoy Horticultural | Native Plant at a Glance – Aster laevis

Now that we’re entering winter, it’s time to highlight some of our favorite native late bloomers for your landscape. Perennials that flower late into harvest season make our clients’ gardens stand out longer, while most other flower gardens are months passed peak bloom.

October 2020: Aster laevis, common name Smooth Aster

  • Naturally deer resistant
  • Drought tolerant
  • Green leaves throughout summer
  • Blue/purple flower blooms September-October
  • Requires full sun

Ecological value:

  • Food source for pollinators
  • Food source for birds and small mammals into winter
  • Larval host for Pearl Crescent butterfly
  • Food source for migrating monarch butterflies in Fall
Aster laevis – a late season favorite!

Source –, Nature’s Best Hope by Douglas Tallamy