why ecological land care? (& webinar announcements!)

Conventional design, installation, and maintenance tactics in landscaping are archaic, and should be phased out. Why?

  • Improper planting causes plants to be buried in soil & mulch causing the normalization of premature mortality;
  • Chemical fertilizers and synthetic applications make your space toxic, enter water systems, damage microbial life, and make the space “addicted” to these applications to remain visually appealing and not overwhelmed by pests and disease;
  • Exotic plant material *does not* benefit soil, cornerstone insect populations, birds, etc.;
  • Loud & polluting gas equipment;
  • The practice innately separates man from his direct environment.

Ecological land care:

  • Increases biodiversity including pollinators that are essential for a productive food industry;
  • Improves soil health that becomes a self-sustaining system without chemicals;
  • Makes your space healthier by forgoing all synthetic products and replacing them with natural alternatives;
  • Costs less time & money to maintain once established;
  • Creates an environment that is more resilient to inclement weather;
  • Increases environmental awareness/builds relationship with nature and empowers the public;
  • Incentivizes a sustainable energy economy and provides noise cancellation if managed with battery-powered equipment.

Home and property owners can start small, by converting some lawn area to native plants for example – but our goal (and we are not alone) is to shift the consciousness of property owners and green industry pros towards the vision of an ideal landscape as environmentally constructive. With this shift of mindset comes a physical manifestation that results in increased biodiversity and a closer connection between us and our immediate outdoor surroundings.

McCoy Horticultural’s educational efforts don’t stop at this blog! Check out some upcoming webinar events we’re participating in:

Richard McCoy’s NJLCA University talk about plant selection and installation is scheduled for 3/15/2021 at 1:00PM EST. Click here for the full schedule and registration information.
The Ecological Landscape Track of the 2021 Total Pro Expo will take place on Tuesday, March 9th. Richard will be presenting “Incorporation of Native Plants in the Landscape and Lawn Alternatives” at 2:30 PM! Registration is now open at totalproexpo.com