McCoy Horticultural Becomes AGZA Certified

McCoy Horticultural is now officially an American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) Certified Service Pro Company. Through AGZA, our low-impact sustainable lawn care services are independently verified to meet the highest standards in measured noise and carbon reductions, offering organic alternatives, and providing dignified Green Collar jobs.

McCoy Horticultural (MC) is one of the first landscape service providers in NJ to become AGZA certified.

Quiet Land Care

The last thing you want during a quiet, peaceful moment of the week is to be interrupted by loud, droning mowers, blowers and maintenance equipment. Our electric-powered equipment takes down the volume of land care by a significant margin.

The Big Picture

With every property maintained with electric power, we incentivize a sustainable energy economy. For this progress to continue, client and company must walk together. We hope you to take this step with us.

The AGZA Initiative

“AGZA educates about the impact issues of current lawn and garden operations. We train and certify work crews on the safe and efficient implementation of the latest battery-electric equipment. We design, verify, certify, and celebrate quiet, low emission AGZA Green Zones® for cities, schools, golf courses, and commercial properties. Here’s to healthy workers and peaceful communities.”

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